by Mike and Bettina Jetter with Hobart Swan

Coaching Sanctuary

After we left our operational roles in Mindjet, we created a new Web 2.0 Life Coaching application called Coaching Sanctuary. Putting a technological twist on tradition, Coaching Sanctuary brings life coaching online through innovative design and interactive technology for coaches and end-users. It was designed for life coaches, their clients and YOU!

Coaching Sanctuary is like no other online space. It provides a safe place for its members to be inspired by a unique collection of personal growth tools: journal, vision board, community board, practice notebook, and personal tracking tools, as well as an incredibly motivating self-guided coaching program.

Coaching Sanctuary has been built using's cloud technologies (web services AWS).

While many subscribers of Coaching Sanctuary found it very valuable and a rewarding experience Coaching Sanctuary ceased operations and is not active any more. Below you'll find an inspiring click-through slideshow and further down are a few screenshots, which give you a snapshot of Coaching Sanctuary's design and content.  

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